Developer: Doodleoo Games
Oceanside, California

Release Date: July, 2015

iOS (July, 2015)
Android (August 2105)
Windows Phone (August 2105)

Free (with IAP)


Party!Party!Party! is a fresh take on Japanese style logic problems, with a gleeful presentation. By mixing puzzles that are simple to grasp and brain-twisting to solve, Party!Party!Party! challenges the player without fustrating.

Completing the puzzle and starting the Party! unlocks items to customize the in-game characters. Getting the entire planet partying unlocks the next planet of puzzles and also lets the player replay their solved puzzles in score-challenge mode where speed and accuracy are key.

Party!Party!Party! is ethically free to play - there is no pay-to-win, no timers, no extra lives.


Doodleoo Games was founded in early 2015 by Mike Currington. Mike worked as lead programmer on some of the most critically aclaimed (and sometimes commerially successful) games of the past 2 decades.

Working for Rare (KI, Conker's Bad Fur Day), followed by Rockstar Games (Midnight Club 2/Dub/LA, Red Dead Redemption, GTA 5) and then Jagex meant working on wonderful projects, with inspirational people.
The implosion of Jagex at the end of 2014 gave the opportunity to fulfil a lifelong ambition and to make smaller more personal games. Party!Party!Party! is the first of those games.

Inspiration for Party!Party!Party! comes from a shared love of puzzle games and from our family Friday night dance parties (powered by a growing collection of disco lights).


  • Challenging but never impossible puzzles.
  • Charming graphics and animations.
  • Amazing soundtrack by Mother4 composer Shane Mesa.
  • Win rewards, customize your Partiers.
  • Ethically Free-to-play.
  • Party!Party!Party!